Friday, October 1, 2010

Kindling the New Fire

The motto says it all. If you can’t stand the heat…well, you know.

Tekton has historically taken the worst of the worst to task in a woodshed kind of way. Some readers like that – others don’t.

The Tekton Forge is for those that do like it.

If you prefer our newer, more didactic style, the Tekton Ticker blog is the one for you. Not this one. Here we’ll ride the critics hard and show no mercy. I’ll be using my art now and then, too.

Unlike at the Ticker, I also won’t kick out the first three comments from the trolls. But they will get what they deserve. After three, they’ll be deleted for being boring. Because you know they are. Especially Ed “I’m Talking and I Can’t Shut Up” Babinski, who couldn’t go five sentences without using twenty-five sentences while saying the amount of substance found in only one. (BTW, for now comments are NOT activated. They will be once I start earnest posting.)

Posting here at the Forge will begin around October 20. Give or take a day either way. In the meantime, if you want to use that RSS thingy to sign on, go right ahead. And use the extra time to buy yourself one of these if you’re a critic.

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