Tuesday, November 9, 2010

John Loftus Needs Agoraphobia

I recently noticed that John Loftus recommended the movie Agora as “food for thought” in spite of the “poetic license” it takes with history.

Poetic license? I guess that’s what John calls a lie when he can’t think of a better name for it. I wonder if that worked for him back with the old adultery gig.

"Sorry, dear, I was, uh, out getting my poetic license renewed."

Just as a reminder, Agora takes a lot more than “poetic license” with history. It offers a number of blatant falsehoods. You’ll find some detailed examinations of the film here and here, and Glenn Miller addressed one of its main myths a while back here.

This leads to a question for John.

Why does he need to watch a blatantly ahistorical movie in order to get “food for thought”? Is he incapable of using real history to get his brain in gear?

Maybe the real point is, he doesn't care about truth as long as he gets what he wants. But we knew THAT already.


  1. Don't forget the review at http://armariummagnus.blogspot.com/2010/05/hypatia-and-agora-redux.html , written by an atheist who is a regular visitor to James Hannam's boards.

  2. Excellent, thank you! I've seen O'Neill comment similarly before on things like the Christ myth and the Nazareth myth.

  3. True, although I'd be interested to see the two of you hit it off on Jesus' claims to divinity :p

  4. ROFL, well, that could be entertaining in more ways than one...