Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Origins of the Praise Chorus?

Yeah, I can't stand 'em. Twila Paris repeated that line, like, what, 16 times? Get me a barf bag.


  1. "Praise" music is just taking a page from modern music. While not modern any longer, The Police's song "Message in a Bottle" ends with the lyric "Sending out an SOS" an amazing 21 times.

    That being said, I do expect more lyrically from Christian music. Repetitiveness disengages me from the song and just makes me want the song to be over.

  2. 21 times? I knew that was something I didn't like about that song either...and of course, who can forget "Cotton Eyed Joe" by Rednex...

    It's little wonder I'm so fond of instrumental music.