Friday, November 12, 2010

Textual Hucksterism

Over on TWeb, a fundy atheist styled "Pitchforkpat" is asking why my books don't sell better on Amazon than atheist books by people like Dawkins. Gee, I dunno. Why do Hostess Ding Dongs sell better than heads of cabbage? Have a look see for all the exchanges.


  1. I haven't had much time to get involved at TWeb, but I just perused that thread. I only got through skimming about the first two pages of it.

    My question is: don't they have any "Don't Feed the Trolls" signs up over there? It seems that no answer to his questions would do except the ones he presupposed when writing the OP. There were some where he completely missed the point (like his response to Glenn P on the other "titles" being more juicy--he completely misconstrued the use of the word "title").

  2. TWeb is pretty lenient when it comes to trolls -- perhaps because we frequently get a lot of entertainment from them.

    I happen to have Pitchy on Ignore, though.