Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dumbest Generation Strikes Again

A certain atheist (we won’t say who, or he’ll think this blog is about him) has proudly posted this story of what his book hath wrought:

One day I was at a Barnes and Noble browsing around. I got to the Philosophy section, and picked up (this book by an atheist) . Part 2 of the book is titled "Why the Bible Is Not the Word of God." After reading about some historical, scientific, and moral errors I went to the Christian Inspiration section of the store to get a Bible so I could read the context of each verse. Finally, hours later I renounced my faith.

Wow. There are people who spend years getting doctoral degrees to understand all the nuances of the Bible, and after only “hours,” Bright Boy here decided he had enough information to make a decision. The Dumbest Generation strikes again.

For the record:

Yes, this is a book I have replies up to.

No, the author (Voldemort, for this round) hasn’t responded and has run like a chicken from responding to me. Not that it mattered, because nearly all that was in that book was stuff I had answered long before he got on the scene.

Yes, too many Christians convert just as uncritically. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m on a crusade where that is concerned too. All we have here then is someone who, like many fundy atheists, hasn’t changed anything in terms of the way they think. In either case, they’re uncritical stoolies who follow on the moment.

No, it is not a process that should only take a short time. Anyone who says so merely shows how ignorant they are on the subject – of whom, Voldemort-This-Time is a prime example.

Bauerlein sure hits that nail on the head.


  1. J.P., How many hours did it take you to convert, what did you read?

  2. Edski, how many times do I have to rap it against your cement head that I have NO idea of an exact time of conversion? Do things like this ever sink in with you? Or do you just persist in stupidity perpetually because it makes you feel better about yourself?

    Either way, it's another proof that you haven't got the mental horsepower to engage actual arguments.