Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help for the Dumbest Generation

Special thanks to Tekton ministry associate Nick Peters for bringing this article to my attention (link below), with the title, "Oregon will allow students to use spell check on state writing tests in 2011."

The excuse that it is just to correct keystroke errors is pretty lame, since it's fairly clear students won't use it just to correct that kind of mistake.
I make plenty of keystroke errors myself -- my fingers are way too big for these pathetic chiclets that are called "keys" these days -- but I would not have wanted to have spell check available in my school days, because otherwise, I wouldn't have learned spelling in a way that kept it in my head, with good old WORK.

And by the way, I say this as one who always placed high when I entered spelling bees, and represented my elementary school in 5th grade at a county bee.

Maybe next they'll bring back Roosevelt's "Reformed Spelling" to help these students out. (Here's a challenge for you: If you don't know what "Reformed Spelling" is, look it up...in a book, not with Google.)

Link to article here.

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