Thursday, January 13, 2011

And he calls ME obsessed?

John Loftus has said that he’s going to ignore me several times now, but for some reason he just can’t break his JPHOCD addiction. A reader noted a message he had left for a TWeb fundy atheist named “Pitchforkpat” in which he claims that “Holding dogs my steps” and yet “I ignore him”. Presumably he does so by constantly talking about me to others like this. He also says:

He must be upset that in my books I do not refer to him, but he'll never admit it.

Me? Upset that John doesn’t mention me in his books? Yeah, I guess so – being mentioned by Lee Strobel, Norman Geisler, Boyd and Eddy etc just isn’t enough – I want John to mention me too!

If I were you I would leave TWeb for good.

Yep. Sort of like John does – every month or so!


  1. Is anyone keeping track of how often JP has mentioned Loftus at tweb, how many anti-Loftus books JP has edited or contributed to, or how many blogs have been created to diatribe against Loftus? What about cartoons/videos JP and friends have put together concerning Loftus?

  2. Sure, Edski -- John is keeping track. Ask him. Duh. But to help educate you in the keeping of statistics, here are some hints:

    * Mentions at TWeb: Only count significant instances where John is NOT in interaction. Obviously such mentions could not count towards a case for "obsession" since you can't interact with someone and not mention them. Duh!

    * Anti-Loftus books: None.

    * Blogs: None. You and John both seem to forget -- repeatedly -- that I did not create "Debunking Loftus". Truth be Told did. Try to pay attention this time.

    * Cartoons: Two, plus maybe 3-4 more for Screwball Awards John got.

    * Videos: None. And don't get cute by trying to slip "friends" in there too, Edski.

    And by the way, make sure you let Furman know you're doing this on the clock so they can dock your pay.

  3. And no, I don't count stuff on other people's sites as "mine" on this count.