Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Strange Case of Dr. Tragic

For our next subject in this series on people who never learn, we have someone I have never dealt with personally before, and probably won’t unless I get masochistic. Nick Peters alerted me to this comment on Victor Reppert’s blog by one “Doctor Logic”:

Yeah, it's strange how the notion of resurrection had never occurred to anyone earlier in history. I mean except for Mithras. And Osiris. And Dionysis. Oh, and Tammuz.

Oh boy.

You can see my series linked below for why these guys were not “resurrected” – especially Mithras. The inclusion of that one really talks the biscuit, because Mithras never even died, for pity’s sake.

Later, this guy compounded the error by appealing to the old “Justin Martyr” canard , to which Nick gave him a refutation article (see second link below). When the article was pointed out to him, he called it “biased” (just said so, no reason given, or to think it affected the arguments) and claimed it just proved his point about resurrection being non-original. He has yet to admit an error on any of those figures, though.

I’d like to make special note of this one because a look at his blog reveals “Doctor Logic” to be one of these sorts who is more into science issues than anything else. This is the sort of Skeptic the average person might think is worth listening to: He is “trained in physics” and writes with authority on his subject matter. And yet, he was apparently uncritical enough to buy lock, stock and barrel into pagan copycat arguments, including a highly embarrassing argument that Mithras was “resurrected”.

How can someone seem so smart, yet be so stupid, at the same time?

Actually, more than that, this is a sign of an ideologue – someone who promotes ideas uncritically without checking into them. The atheistic world is full of such people. I’ve taken on a good bunch of them. They’re cookie cutters. Seen one, seen ‘em all. They also have this in common: They have to have their arms twisted off, and their heads beaten with the stump, before they admit they are wrong about anything -- even something as simple as a point of grammar.

And they have this in common, too:

They never learn.

On a side note, speaking of people who never learn: I was advised that Richie Carrier was bragging on The Infidel Guy how he trashed The Impossible Faith. I wonder if he also bragged about how he demanded more pay before he replied to my responses to his material?

My pagan copycat series here.

On Justin Martyr here.

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  1. This guy is a "regular" in the comments section of Tom Gilson's "Thinking Christian" blog. Gilson must be more of a masochist, as he spends a lot of time going around and around in circles with him.

    At least that was the case when I used to follow that blog. I haven't been there in a long, long time, (I just got distracted and wandered away--nothing against Gilson) but a quick look before this comment shows Dr. L posted there at least as of October.