Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ren and Stimpy Apologetics

The featured apostate today is someone I'll style "YT Sucker," and he has a rather lengthy anti-testimony we won’t quote in full, though we won’t need to. And I'll also use his comments for a different lesson of sorts:

My experience has more to do with myself seeing atheist videos on Youtube. Being the intelligent and confident in my religion (because isn't it obvious that there's a God? Everyone knows that!) I decided I'd watch and respond to these arrogant fools.
That was my first mistake.

Christians are right to avoid religious discussions, because if sense is made, we take a ride on the slippery slope.

As someone who has lately taken to tackling some YouTube atheist stars, and seen the efforts of others, all I can say is: PLEASE!

For a long time I resisted watching or responding to these people precisely because their arguments were so lame. Truthfully, the only thing that makes responding to them now bearable is the fact that I can be creative while doing it – using my art, and engaging the challenging aspects of using film software.

It certainly isn’t their arguments that challenge me; those are never more than sound-bite versions of longer arguments that I rebutted in depth some years ago – when they were written by the likes of Till or McKinsey.
So think about that: The typical YT atheist isn’t even producing quality to the level of THOSE two losers. Now that’s pathetic.

This guy poses himself as “a thinker” whose brain was healed by these YT sources, as well as sources like the “Why does God not heal amputees?" website (yes, I hit that one square too – only I took it so un-seriously, the reply is on tektoonics, not Tekton). But if that’s the sort of thing that persuades you, your ability to “reason” clearly came out of a box of Cracker Jack. It wasn't reason that persuaded him; it was a good multimedia show with lots of drama.

One thing this does tell us is that we’ve been too slow to take up opportunities to engage these people on their own media grounds. I’ll admit to being slow on it myself; had I known that film software was so inexpensive and so easy to use, I probably would have been at it about 2 years sooner. But it’s a little more complicated than that, too. Since people like YT Sucker don’t want to hear our arguments (because, mainly, it’s what they don’t want to hear any more), our efforts have to be a little more interesting than a face or words on a screen. To put it bluntly, you need some sort of gimmick. You have to do what I would call Ren and Stimpy Apologetics.

Those who watch some of my vids know that I engage a type of humor in them at times that’s reminiscent of some of the recent cartoon programs like Ren and Stimpy, or SpongeBob, or Ed, Edd and Eddy. I do that for a reason, and it isn’t to be crude or mocking – I do it because it’s what you need to keep a lot of these people interested. Since, again, they definitely don’t want to hear your arguments, they just won’t care about your defense of the authorship of Matthew unless (maybe) you insert a few fart jokes; otherwise they’ll be on their way to someone else’s channel within a few seconds, leaving most of your hard work unseen.

That’s a sad commentary on what the world is like today – but also a true one.


  1. Ever considered creating Flash animation? Much easier and simpler than having to hand-draw and also uses a lot less time over the long run since you can save the Flash object and manipulate them in any way you like without having to recreate a similar one from scratch.

  2. I tried some software (Anime Studio) and found it was faster for me to hand draw -- and also liked the results of hand drawing better. To me Flash stuff looks...fake. I guess I'm just old school (or "retro") that way.

    But, I have also found ways to make the hand-drawing faster and more efficient, so even if I did master Flash or some other such program, I suspect I'd spend less time on hand drawing anyway!

  3. Not be someone who tries to limit the type of people who come to Christ, but isn't trying to appeal to anyone who's been convinced of the truth of anything because of something they've seen on youtube kinda not worth it. Chances are these people just didn't have a strong intellectual foundation to their faith to begin with so the slightest interaction with an opposing side made them apostasize. On top of that most of the people I've interacted with who are like this are pretty much so eye deep into bogus information that it's like trying to argue with a brick wall. Ultimately, the most effective way to deal with these people is to do so before they apostasize by giving them a firm intellectual foundation for their faith.

  4. Not sure -- and we won't know until the end results appear. After all, some people talk of witnessing to hardened atheists for 20+ years and only making a breakthrough in year 21.

    In the end, I'd rather have tried and failed than not tried and find out I should have. I do certainly agree that giving a firm foundation to start would have been better...but that is precisely what our churches are failing to do.

    Also: The vids I'm making seem to have done well with Christian youth and could be a great way to get them interested in apologetics.

  5. What is your youtube channel J. P?