Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vote for John

There’s some sort of voting going on for the best atheist book of 2010, and John Loftus wants you to vote for his book, The Christian Delusion.

I agree that you should do so. It’s clearly the best atheist book of 2010.

Consider what he has to compete with:

Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design. Hawking, apparently losing relevance as a voice for science, now ventures as well into making sweeping statements that philosophy normally answers.

Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens and The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris. Two joke books by two leading “New Atheist” voices, people whose arguments against Christianity are so poor that they’ve caused other atheists with more reasonable mindsets to cringe.

Nailed by David Fitzgerald. An advocacy of the “Jesus never existed” position which is piled full of stale canards borrowed from other authors.

And so, I agree: Vote for Loftus’ book as the best of this crop. Because it’s been such a bad year for atheist books that even John can win this one handily.

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