Monday, March 14, 2011

The Height of Fundy Atheist Intelligence

A fundy atheist left this comment on the March 4 entry “Tube Boobs,” which proves atheists not on YouTube can be exceptionally stupid, too (edited for language):

religion is b****it and is illustrated quite clearly not only by the "God of the Gaps" Neil De Grasse Tyson describes, but also by a thorough study of linguistics, as cultures that never came into contact with one another all show a tendency in the evolution of their language to personify abstract concepts over time. This evolution (retards hate this word) in documented thought by not only the great thinkers of the time but also of the common man as evidenced by etymology. Perhaps the most interesting part of your "faith" or whatever you want to call your b****it dogma is how etymology of certain words overlaps with additions to dogma.

Wow – let’s see now:

It has nothing to do with the subject of the post in question.

It makes broad, sweeping, vague, and unsupported statements.

It makes vague appeal to authority (“great thinkers”) without a lick of documentation (not including Tyson).

It wrongly defines “faith”.

It makes absolutely no sense in the conclusion: “etymology of certain words overlaps with additions to dogma” – that’s supposed to be coherent?

Yep. YouTube doesn’t cause morons – it just collects them in one place.

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