Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Top Turkey

We interrupt the series on introverts for an update on a previous post. Not surprisingly, John Loftus The Christian Delusion won Best Atheist Book of 2010, rising to the cream at the top of the septic – I mean, skeptic tank, despite containing no new arguments. (That’s Austin Cline of, claiming it does have new arguments, notwithstanding – it’s just that HE has never seen all of them himself before.)

John’s book won 43% of the vote, which is fairly hefty. Sam Harris’ Moral Landscape (subject of a current Ticker series by Nick Peters) came in second with 21%. Fitzgerald’s Nailed, a yawner of an exposition on the Christ myth and subject of a Ticker series by me, garnered 15%, which should be an embarrassment to intelligent Skeptics. Hitchens’ new book got 13%, and in a distant 5th with 6%, the one authored by he who is surely the most intelligent of the lot – Stephen Hawkins’ The Grand Design.

Sheesh. It would be like awards for Best Christian Book putting Josh McDowell on top and Ben Witherington on the bottom. Or Best TV Show, putting Jersey Shore on top and Masterpiece Theatre on the bottom. Or…

Well, admittedly, Hawking didn’t do himself proud at that, according to critics. But you get the idea. The Skeptics are no more impressed with their intelligentsia than most Christians. They only act like they are.

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  1. I wonder if Hawking's book wasn't hijacked by his co-author Mlodinow. Hawking's previous books - although not screaming "Jesus is Lord" by any means - weren't as hostile towards religion as this book. The views expressed actually are a little out of place for SH.