Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tube Boobs 4

Yes, YouTube provides a lot of grist for me these days. To begin, the Christian Research Journal just published an article of mine on the effects of the Internet on thinking, and I included in it a section of YT as an unreliable information source. I don’t think one of my opponents there will be happy with this piece of fame I gave him:

...YouTube provides opportunities for the everyday critic of Christianity to air his or her grievances. One YouTube user who designates himself “NonStampCollector” is typical of the genre. He has produced dozens of crudely animated and crudely argued films critical of Christianity, some of which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.
And on that note, here’s some more news. One of the other nobodies there, who goes by “HonestTechnoAtheist” (HTA) produced a “response” to one of my vids, and it very much exemplifies the heart of YT. I won’t link, because his drones are littering the comments with profanity, but here’s how it goes down:

All the guy did was fix his peeper-camera on the screen of his computer while he played MY video, and paused it to make comments off screen.

Yes, if you thought NoSCo’s production values were horrid – with his stick figures that talk without moving mouths – that’s not as bad as it can get.

Sure, there are a lot of folks on YT (including Christians) who produce dull vids that are just “talking heads” of themselves yammering into the camera. But that’s still way better than what HTA had to offer. Bad enough that all he did was set his camera on the screen and crib MY production all through. But there’s also a strong hissing sound all through his vid, as though someone is letting the air out of the tire of an 18-wheeler. He’s also inarticulate and mumbling about a third of the time, with such classic riposte as, “science has totally disproven the Bible,” and he admitted in comments that he didn’t have a script; he just wound it up and let it go, reader-response style.

Then, about 12 minutes in, a dog starts barking somewhere in the background, and I think I may have even heard a cat meowing. All we need now is chickens, goats, and pigs to complete the picture.
Which illustrates one point for today:

Okay, fessing up: I’m not a professional film maker myself. But I’d be ashamed to post something like that item by HTA even if the arguments were 100% sound. (And no, those he offers are sorry as well – mostly whining that God could just stop evil by “poofing” it out of existence, “snapping His fingers,” etc). And I do try to make my vids as professional as possible. I have experts I consult with frequently on production matters, and they ARE pros.

Of course, everyday shmoes like HTA may not have a clue how to use film software or how to make a product that is at least visually interesting and competently produced. And if they don’t, they need to pull the plug on their YT account, because they are shaming the very foundations of art and production. As I say imply in the CRJ article, all this democracy is becoming a little too egalitarian, as it allows people like HTA and NoSCo with no talent at all and even less intelligence to air their ignorance for the equally ignorant to be deceived by.

That won't happen, though. So many of these low-producers grew up as kids being told they were special, and that anything they did was wonderful, so that you couldn’t possibly shame them into doing a better job even if they could. As it is, I was proud to link to HTA's response from my vid, because any judicious, intelligent viewer (which is who I am after – however rare such a bird is) would see that not very much care or thought was put into HTA’s response – and if he can’t care enough to do more than crib screenshots and mumble while his pets gambol about the place, he sure can’t be perceived as someone who gave careful thought to the problem of evil.

I may do a reply vid – later. It’s hard to say if one is needed; as bad as it is, it practically refutes itself.

What else? Oh yes – I’ve encountered a new idiocy on YT, in which the atheist buffoons there yowl that when I delete their profane comments, or otherwise enforce my channel rules, I am engaging in “censorship” and stopping “free speech”. Clearly no one told these budding legal scholars that the First Amendment specifies that Congress shall make no law abridging free speech. Last I checked, I hadn’t been elected to Congress – and there are plenty of legal precedents showing that private entities can freely censor and restrict speech within their own boundaries (eg, your online forum can ban people and delete messages). YT itself enables channel moderators to “censor,” so they clearly know where the law stands even if these junior Perry Masons don’t.

So it goes, another journal entry of my journey into the wastel – er, I mean “waistland” that is YT. We’ll keep plugging and see if a revolution happens.


  1. Unfortunately, youtube is just an extension of my generations thinking, one of my friends sought to 'disprove' the bible by telling me that the Bible condemned Incest, yet recounted stories of Incest, you may accuse atheists of not understanding the bible, but at least the ones you have reviewed have a base understanding of christianity

  2. Ben, I highly doubt they even have a base understanding to begin with.