Friday, March 4, 2011

Tube Boobs

As I have reported on TWeb lately, I’ve discovered an amazing thing: Many atheists on YouTube are exceptionally stupid.

No, I’m not exaggerating. I had a pretty good sample after one of them drew notice to, and responded to, one of my vids, and his troll collection bounded on over to mine to pick their nostrils in the forum.

These guys are pretty amazing. They’ve invented entirely new spellings for common words: “hypocracy,” “courtious,” “waist” (as in, “don’t waist my time”), and so on. They’re also dense as bricks on just about everything else. Here’s what one poor soul did, commenting on the fact that I was proposing a reading of the text that was disagreed on by the vast majority of translations:

Your research must be ground breaking if you are going to overthrow hundreds of combined years of textual reviews.

Indeed so. But a moment later, this same poor, benighted soul said:

Forget the "Golden Rule"? Jesus saw the value of being nice even when others weren't; though he co-opted that rule from Buddhism. Perhaps you haven't read your bible well enough....tough principle to miss.

Uh, wait.

On the one hand, I'm told, "Your research must be ground breaking if you are going to overthrow hundreds of combined years of textual reviews."

Then on the other hand, this fruitcake belts out, "[Jesus] co-opted that rule from Buddhism," a stance that would make nearly all NT scholars wet their pants with laughter.

Funny – I guess you’re only allowed to be a “freethinker” when you disagree with the other point of view.


  1. And I even had to do their homework for them over on Palmer's "response"! Goes to show that these nuts are nothing more than lazy kids who are only waiting to be spoon-fed "fast food" that appeals to their desire despite being clearly dripping with unhealthiness and junk. These kids don't appreciate "health food" because it would take them too long to process (with their minds), let alone the need to process them in the first place, and they shun them because they're not familiar with the taste, which they need to get used to more often if they really cared for their own (spiritual) health.
    A bitter (truth) pill to swallow indeed!

  2. Hmm, who are you over there? Drop me an email if you can.

  3. I also love how ready they are to pull the ol' guilt by association fallacy by comparing us to YECs, but don't even realize that the Christ Myth has to be ten times more evidence-rejecting than YEC.

  4. YouTube takes "intellectual wasteland" to a whole new level.

  5. Ah yes, I figured that out later. Thanks.

  6. That's "Intellectual waistland."