Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pagan Chocolates

Today I released a new TektonTV vid responding to ProfMTH’s vid making a big issue of Easter as a “pagan” holiday.

Whoop dee doo.

To his credit, at least he’s not pushing “pagan copycat” crap…yet. But he is trying to inspire guilt in Christians by hollering that Easter eggs, bunnies, etc. are derived from pagan symbols.

My reply: Yes – and so what?

As I explain in the vid, ancient deities like Semiramis aren’t getting any favors or service out of any of this egg rolling or chocolate bunny eating. If anything, they’d be tremendously insulted that we trivialized their sacred symbols and practices by turning them into children’s toys and games. It’s the honor-equivalent of writing a Bible verse on a sheet on Charmin – then using it.

The only real question is why a fundy atheist like ProfMTH sees fit to even make this an issue. Unfortunately, the most likely answer by far is that he just wants to disturb gullible and ignorant Christians. Which means…he’s going to stay in my gunsights along with a few others on YT. Huh huh huh huh huh. (Check the vid for the joke.)

I have appointments tomorrow, so the Forge will return Tuesday.



  1. Why a fundy atheist like ProfMTH sees fit to even make this an issue is because he's a fundy atheist.

  2. To be fair... there are Christians who really are so ignorant. There are also Christians who get very upset at the removal of explicitly Christian features from Easter/spring holidays, and I suppose this reminds them that early Christians nabbed the Easter celebration date (and Christmas) from the pagans.

    Mind you, there's always the chance that this is a co-incidence and ProfMTH actually hasn't thought it through that much. And I am also waiting with baited breath for the "Mithra was born on December 25th!!!!" nonsense to start pouriong forth.

  3. @Jamie: Oh, to be sure -- I know such people. And I'd say Mitch definitely hasn't thought it through to any extent -- he just wants to annoy Christians and make them less effective in influencing society.