Sunday, April 10, 2011

Part 1: The Debate That Almost Wasn't

As it happens, the debate organizer is now posting his thoughts and a summary of the debate, so I'll wait until he gets done and use his comments as a template for my own. I also have a little spare time this morning, so I'll do pre-post...on why I almost didn't get to do this debate.

Regular readers know I've had some past troubles with kidney stones caused by oxalic acid -- an element found in my favorite healthy foods like spinach, nuts and berries. My nephrologist has been giving me meds to combat the problem, including (ominous reverb) diuretics.

I don't play well with diuretics. Every time I take them the cure is worse than the disease.

He assured me this latest one he gave me wouldn't be as bad.

He was right -- for about 40 days. Then this past Thursday night I found myself wide awake the whole night as my heart beat away like a triphammer. Not one minute of sleep -- just what I needed.

According to another doctor in my consult, the diuretic probably drained me of electrolytes, which in turn interfered with those internal currents that keep the heart going. So the next day, I got off the diuretic and quaffed Gatorade to the tune of nearly a whole gallon. It worked. No more triphammer. (I kept it up too -- they'll tell you I had two bottles of the lime green stuff at the debate.)

Bottom line though is...I've been recommended to see a cardiologist next week to figure out why I'm experiencing what is usually an unusual effect of that diuretic. I slept a total of 4 hours between Thursday and the time of the debate. I weighed going to the ER and cancelling out on the debate, and probably would have if the Gatorade hadn't done the job.

Considering we had to drive from Reno to this area through the twisted turns of Carson Pass (where snow is still thick on the ground even now), it's a good thing I didn't FEEL like I only slept 4 hours. In fact I felt fine. (And no, I didn't hop up on any energy drinks either.) There were a lot of ways this debate could have failed to come to pass, and none of them happened.

Until next time -- perhaps Wednesday....


  1. so, praise God?

  2. Yeah, this is still winter over the trans-sierra passes. I had wondered when you said you would be traveling from Sacramento to Carson City it might be a little more dramatic then what one might think. HWY 395 in Carson City isn't good for the health either no matter what time of the year. In any case, glad the debate was a positive experience and hope the health issues turn out okay.

  3. Well, I don't know that there was any direct divine involvement, but why not?

  4. @ TGS: Mrs H was worried at first but she loved the snow...had to get out so she could scoop some up and make a snowball on the way back.

    The climate in Carson City is so dry that it aggravated my allergies. And good luck finding a place to eat that doesn't have slot machines coming out the wazoo. They'll put those things in toilet stalls next.

  5. Hi JP,
    Nice to finally catch up with you in blog world. Sorry to hear about your health struggles.
    Eric J. Sawyer
    ex-"headheart" TWC

  6. @Broa -- thanks. The good news is the cardiologist says there's no major problems. Just need more exercise, and he agreed I need to go ahead with a procedure to clear my nasal passages so I can do that more effectively.