Friday, May 27, 2011

Gagging the Guilt-Trippers

This past week, a YT fundy atheist pulled a canard on me that no one with a “personal relationship with Jesus” would use insulting language towards opponents. Yes, you know what kind of fun I had with THAT anachronism. But that’s not today’s point.

ProfMTH, back in April, re-released a vid in which he asked why Christians celebrate Easter, and argued very badly that things like Easter egg hunts, because they might be traced back to pagan practices, any Christian who did them was violating Deuteronomic law.

Yeah, that’s a joke too. But it’s not the point today, and the fact that both of these twits are on YT is just coincidence; you’ll get nonsense like this from a lot of fundy atheists.

The point is this: The first fundy atheist certainly does not believe Christians have a “personal relationship with Jesus.” He sees such things as akin to a child having an imaginary friend. (I agree to a point – but that’s another matter.) ProfMTH is certainly not hurt in any way by Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies, and his argument doesn’t in any way undermine any basic tenet of Christianity. So what’s their point?

It’s a very simple one: To undermine Christian confidence with cheap guilt trips.
Oh my. Don’t you feel bad that you’re offending Jesus by using insults? Don’t you feel bad that you’re offending God with that chocolate bunny? Maybe you’ll be less confident about your beliefs in the future now that you see what a horrible mistake you’re making.


There are apparently a few people who think I’m being too hard on ProfMTH and others; they think he and others are really just nice guys interested in serious dialogue. No, they’re not, and this sort of cheap “guilt trip” foist proves that they are not. Their agenda is to destroy Christian faith – for whatever reasons they may have; whether it be some political or social agenda, or because they were whacked on the knuckles with a ruler by Sister Mary Mulch at Catholic school, frankly doesn’t make a lot of difference. The end result is the same. They want the Christian witness and arsenal emasculated, even if it means advocating for positions they themselves don’t believe in.

One would think that FA #1 for example would want Christians to abandon that imaginary friend – not encourage them to look inward for guidance from it. ProfMTH has covered a few meaty issues, but not hardly enough to count, and surely has better ideas and arguments he could be addressing to help Christians overcome their disabling spiritual heritage. You think they really care about dialogue? About setting Christians free with truth? Fat chance. Here’s an ad for Antarctic beach property; want some?

For those who think I’m being too hard on these idiots: Clue in. They’re not there to help you. They’re interested only in themselves and in getting fat off victims of the flock. They only do enough serious research to be able to foist some misguided reading to serve an agenda – as I have shown, and as I will further show. It’s as a reader said: When you’re nice to the wolves, you don’t end up with peace between the sheep and the wolves – you end up with fat wolves. Let’s keep those wolves on Weight Watchers and teach them a lesson in deflating arrogance and deception.

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