Thursday, June 2, 2011

TektonTV Behind the Scenes: Layer Celebration

Last week I released a vid which ended with a scenario of the Apostle Paul karate-chopping ReligionFreeDeist’s YT channel page into shards, to reveal behind it the message, “Repent of Your Charlatanism!” This scene gives us a good example of how TektonTV uses layers of graphics to achieve an effect.
To compose this scene, there were actually three separate graphics, seen below:

It may not be apparent, but the space surrounding Paul is transparent. That’s one of the keys to imposing him over the other backgrounds. The other thing to notice is that all three graphics are exactly the same dimensions. This is most important where Paul is concerned, because he’s an animated figure, and I have to keep him in the same place while he’s chopping. So I had placed Paul onto a blank graphic with the same dimensions as the other two.

Initially, the scene started with just the scene of RFD’s channel (a screenshot capture -- and no, I wasn't trying to get it with his eyes closed, but it worked out that way, and I decided it looked funnier). Then Paul had to jump in and move, which meant his “layers” were superimposed over the RFD channel layer. Once he had “chopped” the channel picture, I was ready to use the third layer, the one with the “repent” message. That one become the “bottom” layer, and I chopped up the picture of RFD’s channel into shards and pasted the pieces on to the “repent” layer randomly. Then, Paul’s layer was imposed over that one.
Using the undo feature of my graphics program, I then removed Paul, rearranged the shards with cut and paste so that they looked like they had fallen further, and put Paul back again.

Scenes like this can be a real challenge, in terms of trying to think of how the layering process can or should be used to achieve the desired effect. Under this rubric, it’s not hard to see why I express such contempt for the work of the likes of NonStampCollector, who comparatively speaking, do so little real work; or others who just crib screenshots of my material and therefore essentially do no real work at all. Those of you with an art or craft of your own can relate: If you’re a musician, for example, what would you think of someone who responded to a symphony you composed with a chorus of banging tin cans? Is it little wonder some artists are so vehement when it comes to copyright protection?

Which reminds me…check here tomorrow for more on that!

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