Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things Christ-Mythers Hate

A longtime reader proposed that we start a list of things hated by people who think Jesus never existed. Got something to add? Pop it into comments. As for me...be back with the Forge Friday; I got some USDA work to do. Bleah.

1.) Each other. Was Jesus a copy of Horus, a copy of Julius Caesar, perhaps Titus, or just a Midrash. They cannot agree on that and have no problem considering those who disagree with their personal Mythicist stance to be irrational.

2.) Peer review. Getting arguments into academic journals just takes so much work when instead they simply can publish online for anyone to find.

3.) Atheist and Agnostic Bible scholars who simply have no time for their nonsense.

4.) Academic presses which simply refuse to publish there books. Why try to publish your books with say Yale when you can publish them on demand and avoid that whole peer review problem.

5.) Relevant degrees. Why bother having a degree in history before writing about Jesus. Graduate from High School proclaim yourself an expert in ancient documents and you are ready to do battle against Christianity!

6.) That fact that many ancient figures from history are accepted without any remaining primary sources.

7.) Christianity. Well duh.

8.) The fact that other fringe historical proponents use arguments very similar to theirs.

9.) The fact that they pretty much agree with academia in opposing things such as truthers and birthers but suddenly academia is irrational toward their arguments.

10.) Any expert that disagrees with their views, it seems they only become relevant experts when they happen to say something mythers like.

11.) Nazareth. Stubbornly insists on being dated to the first century.


  1. 13. The fact that no one proposed the Jesus as Myth hypothesis in liberal academic circles until it suddenly appeared about 100 years ago -- coupled with the fact that it went out of vogue just as quickly once it was examined by their liberal peers.