Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Type of Doccy

Ah, rats. It's going to be one of those days. I forgot I had a medical appointment, so I'll get back to the Path of Truth stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, it's just as well a good spot to relay a few things.

Once I get done with the Path of Truth, I'll be having a look at some material by Christian Lindtner, the Holocaust denier that Ken Humphreys thinks is a good source. Apparently the stink I raised about that is starting to hurt, because Lindtner produced some vids of some sort, which I have not looked at yet, but which address the issue. Whether they're denials of affirmations or something else remains to be seen.

After that, I expect we'll reach the month of August, and at that time, the Forge will drop a regular posting schedule and just become someplace I post when I have something to say that fits. I expect that still might end up being once or twice a week at times. (The Ticker blog will remain a 3x per week gig.)

Why? Obviously it's a matter of priority and what's developed since I posted the 2011 Tekton Manifesto. Writing is fun for me, but it can take time, and it actually takes longer for me sometimes to come up with an idea for one of the blogs than to write about it. At the time of the Manifesto, too, I had no idea how productive I could become with TektonTV; and after it took me over a month to produce the first animated vid, I couldn't have imagined I'd eventually learn more efficient techniques that would get me to a total of 50 vids there as of today. So call this a shift in priority and assignment of time.

As an observation ceremony of sorts, I'm also working on designing a new background for the TektonTV channel. Right now you'll see a background with the Tekton logo used as placeholders. I'm doing that to get some space measurements.

Anyway, be back tomorrow with more on the Path of Lunacy.

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