Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Diablos Path, Part 2

As a note before we get to Part 2, I've lately been tormenting one of the Path People's leaders by email, telling him that if he really has an ear to God's mouth, he ought to give me the password. What I meant by that was that I had thought of some random celebrity's name, and he was supposed to guess it. Instead he thought I was asking how to get to heaven. Ha ha. What a maroon. Prophet test = fail.

7) Eternal security... Once saved, always saved -- OK, to be fair, I'm not all with the P in TULIP myself, but here it's the Path People doing the legalist limbo again, thinking it's also sin that'll get you toasted. Hardly. When Jesus says we have to endure to the end (Matt. 10:22), he means it -- but what the Path People and many others fail to realize is that the temptation to apostasy in the ancient world was much, much greater than it is now, and that's why we have so many warnings about it. Unfortunately, since today's temptations are more mundane - e.g., sinning -- legalists like the Path People assume that's what these verses are about.

There's one particular passage often miused in this regard, and they do it too:
“And one said to Him, Lord, are the ones being saved few? And He said to them, Strive to enter in at the narrow gate. For I say to you, many will seek to enter in and shall not be able” (Luke 13:23-24 MKJV). What these folks miss is that in essence, Jesus doesn't answer the question. And that's what we'd expect, of course: The question, like many questions in an agonistic setting, is actually a challenge; and here, the challenge is being posed by Luke in light of the teachings he just recorded about the value of the Kingdom of Heaven and the sacrifice one must make to join it. The questioner is challenging Jesus' teachings by implying that they mean few will be saved. But notice: Jesus doesn't say, "Yes, few will be saved." He does say "many" will not be -- and that's not the same thing.

Like most legalists, the Path People fear that "eternal security causes the lawless to be secure and confident in their sinful lives, spreading their lawless attitudes like cancer and causing those without faith to blaspheme the Name of God." I'm sure if asked they could provide about a dozen anecdotal examples. But as noted in a prior entry, they're forgetting about rewards -- and so are the lawless, for that matter.

8) We cannot help but sin; it is impossible not to sin -- it's not exactly clear where the Path People go with this one. I wouldn't say we "cannot help" but sin; I do think it is impossible to never do it again this side of death, but we are certainly supposed to be struggling with and suppressing it. Do the Path People think we'll be perfect and never sin after conversion, though? No, not quite that far:

We defile perfectly, but His blood cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness. Sinless perfection? Perhaps, but by His virtue and work and none of our own.
Good concession -- because I'll bet they wouldn't pass that test either. So overall, I can grant this one, with provisions also noted in an E-Block article (July 2010) where I addressed that subject.

9) Nothing more is required after conversion... Christ did it all -- well, really, this is just another variation on Doccy #1, so we won't cover it again.

10) Christ has fulfilled the Law; we are no longer under the Law but under grace -- huh? So will Path People restart the sacrifices in the Jerusalem temple then? The Path People don't discuss it to that extent here; instead they prefer to offer scary picture of someone in hell because they didn't do...whatever it is. They do have another article on law and grace; maybe we'll look at it later, and some of the other diabolical doccys later on seem to go in some detail.
11) We are all going to be raptured before the great tribulation -- I agree. Because the "tribulation" took place in 67-73 AD. No, the Path People don't believe that themselves; they're essentially post-tribbers from the looks of it. I'll leave it at that because it might be funny to see if I can get them to add preterism to their list of diabolical doccies.

12) You must belong or go to a church -- OK, to be fair again: There's a point made here to effect that if your fellowships around you are corrupt, you shouldn't attend. Tell me about it -- I can hardly find any that know what apologetics is, let alone that are willing to hear about it. That said, there's always the question of whether your evaluation of those fellowships is accurate, or whether you're just a discontented lunatic.
The author for the Path People says that, "[t]he Lord directly, specifically and categorically commanded us to come out of all church systems, informing us that those in them were perishing in their sins, whoredoms, pleasures, idolatries."

I vote discontented lunatic. God told me so, too.

13) Sunday is the Sabbath -- ooo boy. Let's make this simple -- do they offer anything that answers what we have at the article linked here?


That was simple. More next time.

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