Friday, July 15, 2011

Down the Diablos Path, Part 3

Well, here we go with the next set of diabolical doccies from the Path People. Be sure and also check out the TWeb thread linked below to see a sample of the quality response (ha ha!) they gave us by email on the Trinity.

14) Salvation is possible in this life only -- oy vey. Didn't I deal with exactly the same arguments with the Mormons? Sorta. The Path People use a couple of the same verses (link below) but mostly they use a lot of emotional rhetoric of the "how dare you believe something so horrible" variety.

The real hoot is the way they dispose of Heb. 9:27:

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many..." is a passage of Scripture used to support this evil doctrine. There is nothing there saying that judgment is eternal or temporary damnation. In fact, the word "judgment"only means a decision, for or against.

Um...yes, true. But in the context of the words "once to die" and that of Christianity's Jewish background, that means only that there's no chance for salvation after death. No second decision. The Path People simply speculate wildly about second chances, then suggest anyone who doesn't agree is worse than Hitler (yes, even invoking his name). Then they try to invoke a cheap guilt trip by suggesting that anyone who really believed this would do nothing but evangelize -- not even stopping to bathe or shave.

Actually, I can believe that of the Path People, based on their pictures, already. But even if the Path People are right, there's a lot more they could be doing for God even now. So the guilt trip rebounds on them the same way, if we want to play that game.

15) Those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will be fearfully and forever tormented, without end -- well, OK. As everyone knows, I don't buy the traditional fire and torture view of hell; they don't either, though their rejection of it is based more on "waah, how horrible" than any sort of sound exegesis of Scripture (much less do they have any idea what honor and shame might have to do with it).

16) There are many ways to God -- yeah, OK. This one is actually pretty much orthodox. Even a busted clock is right twice a day, right?

17) Christmas is a holy, God-ordained celebration -- Um...I have no idea who thinks this, sorry, and certainly not of the modern commercial holiday that gets the Path People's undies in a knot, to the point that they call it a "a wonderful rape in the form of a seduction." Get a grip, guys. Yes, people actually should be good to others all year -- I've made the same point myself -- but let's not get snotty and proud of ourselves, shall we? All this rot about "superstitions and practices" tells us more about how weak you are, not how weak everyone else is. (It is true of course that many think Jesus' birth was that day, as they note.) I'll let the egomanical nature of the Path People speak for itself, though:

"God alone knows the heart" you object. Yes, He does, and you don't, and so He sends me to tell you, if perchance you will listen and be saved.

He sent YOU? They couldn't even give me a simple password (last entry) I asked for, so pardon me, but if God sent YOU, it must be because He's gone senile.

18) Easter is Christian and Biblical -- same rant as above, really. Same answer. It speaks for itself that I last heard the same arguments from ProfMTH (and my answers to him apply too; link below).

19) God is trying to save the whole world now -- as far as I can tell this is some sort of screed against Christian Reconstructionism. Or something. Not my cup of tea.

20) Man has been given a free will -- yep. Same sort of thing we address at yet another link below. They're Calvinist on this score, but not very good at thinking outside the box or resolving the contradictions in their position, either. Instead, if you even ask about the contradictions, you're carnal and self-righteous. Now isn't that so Jim Jones of them.

Last one today:

21) Now we are in the dispensation of grace, not Law -- I'm no dispensationalist, but there's also nothing clear given -- at least on this point -- about what the Path People mean by the law. Since they're not sacrificing animals -- or are they? -- it's clear they're not full nomists. Looking ahead to point 26, they do at least insist on some dietary laws...we'll have a look at that one next time.

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