Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Down the Diablos Path, Part 4

So now, back to those diabolical doccies; and by the way, there are 41, so we'll be at this maybe 2-3 more entries. It’s tedious going and starting to get really dull. Almost makes you wish the Path People were advocating free sex or something like that to get things interesting.

22) Denominations are legitimate in the sight of God -- legitimate in what way, though? There's a lot of bellowing about how Satan is behind such things, but what it boils down to is, the Path People are the only true church, the rest are bogus, so there. There's some validity in criticisms over division, religious entertainment, etc. but "we're the ones with the truth" is what the centerpiece is, though much short on specifics; to wit:
The Baptists "pump" water baptism but have no use whatsoever for being baptized in the Spirit of Christ whom they profess to serve. In rebuking the Corinthians, Paul emphasized the latter and played down the former.

Yeah...OK. But these dimwits couldn't even reveal a simple password to me, so whatever "Spirit" they have must be on the toilet. In any event, while there are legit criticisms to be had, the fact is that denominations just aren't that far apart in the essentials, outside of cults. But that's something I'm working on now, so...say no more.

23) There is no literal, personal voice of God speaking today as in Biblical times -- so they say, but like I said, if they're hearing God's voice, "God" must be on the toilet. I'm of the view that prophecy in general has ceased, but if someone can give me the goods of a valid prophecy, I'll consider that they just might have an ear to God's mouth. As it is, the Path People can't seem to deliver any sort of prophecy that isn't more than "join us you heathen". Quite a fail rate for folks who claims that they have "personal, intimate, direct communication and fellowship with Him" and provide no more validation for it being a real voice than "I think it was." (And by the way, they also say that if you do NOT hear God's voice, you're not saved. OK. I just heard it, and he says you guys are morons.)
24) All believers have equal authority and status -- what's this mean? Not what you may think; it's related to some idea that not all have equal access to God. OK, to be fair, yes -- people like the Apsotles, having been given more responsibility, probably did get more access; they needed it. So why think the Path People have it too? Um...because God told the Path People they did, that's why. Yep. A bunch of creepy wackos growing organic veggies in the woods definitely have all the responsibility Paul did.

25) Women are ordained or called as ministers of God, in spiritual authority over men -- well, partly here, this is a non-issue because the Path People don't think any modern people are ordained of God anyway, male or female. But beyond that, it's just the usual claptrap we see from misogynists who haven't figured out stuff like that 1 Cor. 14:35-6 is Paul quoting a Corinthian position which he then disagrees with. This is yet more reason why we need better exegetical education for our pastors and teachers. What doesn't occur to these folks, sadly, is that a lack of women in authority in the early church was more due to social strictures of the ancient world than anything else. Put another way, it was because men weren't ready to accept them as leaders, not because they were not suited to be leaders. Of course...if the Path People are that bad off too...we can grasp that easily.

26) All flesh is clean for eating -- yep. This is where we first get the teaching that that OT law is still meant to be observed. Now what though of the fact that "every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: for it is sanctified by the Word of God and with prayer"? The Path People's response reaches heights of wackiness unknown heretofore, as they suggest that you then ough to go eat a skunk, a snake, or even a cockroach. (Never mind that some natives peoples have in fact eaten those very things.) Or, they suggest, maybe cow urine.

Uh, news flash, guys -- freedom to eat any meats doesn't equate with choosing to eat any of them.
So how do they explain that admonition to Timothy? They don't. In a perverse turnaround, they tell us that "for it is sanctified" is a qualification indicating that "every creature" is not really every creature, but just the clean ones in the OT. Now isn't that the Jim Jones Exegetical School having class: The reading on any other account would have the qualification the other way around, as you'd think if they were right, it would say, eg, "every sanctified [or clean] creature".

Just as perversely, the fact that Gentile converts were not told to eat kosher in Acts 15, is excused away by saying:
But consider that the passage clarifies their thinking: "For Moses of old time has in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day." In other words, they were saying, "These are the more urgent matters; do these for now until you grow and are able to handle more and as you do, you will do well and the Law of Moses is available to you when you're ready for more."

Um, right. Strange how that works out in favor of what they want. But how could things be so "urgent" that they couldn't slip in, "oh yes, and obey the dietary laws"? Especially since the Path People tell us how important it is? For some reason, the Path People's own past inability (which they admit to!) to keep these dietarty laws becomes an excuse to validate a wacky reading of Acts 15; this in spite of the urgency professed in ridding ourselves of all these other diabolical doccies.

27) Democracy is Christian and\or Godly -- I don't know who argues this, but the Path People's view is that only theocracy is legitimate as a form of government, and they hope it happens soon.

28) Family unity is a hallmark of true Christianity – I don’t know who teaches this either. I wish they’d quote the sources of some of these doctrines so we can get an idea what they’re talking about and contextualize it. That said, their main purpose in this is not so much, family unity is bad, but I’m thinking more of a reply to those who have observed their cultish tendency to split families with their nonsense, under the assumption that their teachings are valid and worthy of a family splitting over them, as Jesus predicted in Matthew 10.

Yeah, right.

29) Spouses are equal in marriage – just more of the same misogyny we refer to in #25 above, misusing some of the same passages Glenn Miller discusses in his series here. I can understand why this groups’ leaders would want this kind of thing, though, because they have faces that would scare a dog out of a butcher shop.

Boy is this dull...uh...uh oh...

30) You should have free sex all the time.

Nah, I just made that one up.

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