Friday, July 22, 2011

Down the Diablos Path, Part 5

Time for some more diabolical doccys. Want to annoy the Path People? Tell them you're using it as a checklist for things you plan to believe in.
30) All marriages are of God -- this one appears to just be an extension of the prior one about family unity, to the extent that it proposes that someone can marry out of God's will -- so that (shh) you can join the Path People and divorce your spouse if they get ticked about it...because the emphasis is on (hmm) what to do if you're married to an "unbeliever." That's convenient, as is the fact that the Path People designate anyone as an "unbeliever" who even uses the wrong fork at dinner.

31) "The Lord's Supper" -- a rant against transubstantiation as practiced by Catholics. I don't consider it a big deal, but the Path People really hate this one. However, their only "argument" is as follows:

According to one writer, Lew White, in his book, "Fossilized Customs," the error part was present before Jesus' day, with the pagan Mithraists, worshipers of the sun, who held wafers of bread up to the sun to receive its rays. By pronouncing the words, "Hocus Pocus" and "Abracadabra," words that now sound silly and are spoken in fun, the bread was believed to be transformed and was "transubsantiated" into the actual presence of the sun. By eating that bread, the partakers would possess the powers of the deity.

Funny how David Ulansey, the world's leading Mithraic scholar, never heard of any of this. As far as I can find, Lew White is an unqualified moron just like the Path People (and based on Amazon's look in feature, he provides no documentation for this idiotic claim about Mithraism).
After that, there's some ranting about varieties of practices in the Supper across the denominations, ranting about celebrating Easter (a pagan holiday, of course), ranting about eating ham at Easter (which is inferred to be an insult to Jews as grave as killing them as Hitler did), and then we're told the Path People don't keep the Supper, but no clear reason is given why; there are hints that its now a pagan ritual because it has been so badly corrupted.

32) Jewish worship practices and traditions are important to keep -- they say this one's more a false notion than a diabolical doccy. I call it no big deal either way, and suspect at this point the Path People were scraping barrel bottom looking for something to call wicked and diabolical.

33) The dead in Christ are unconscious -- I agree this is wrong. Not diabolical, but wrong. (Link below, where I explain why it is wrong a lot more coherently than they do.)

34) The wicked are annihilated -- once again I agree this is wrong. Uh oh. I hope I'm not turning into one of these guys.

35) Satan was once a good being -- whew. Not entirely. While I agree here that Satan is NOT found in Ezekiel and Isaiah, the Path People give two fairly crappy arguments for saying Satan was created evil. One is a lame appeal to Is. 45:7 (link below), which puts them in an exegetical league with some of the dumber atheists. The other is an appeal to John 8:44, which describes Satan as a murderer "from the beginning" -- which we're told, it is most "logical, relevant, and reasonable" to assume, means in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, why it is most logical and all that isn't explained; nor is it explained why Eden was Satan's lifetime debut.

We'll look at the last collection Tuesday. Have you made a list of these you want to believe in yet?

Link: State of the deceased.
Link: Is. 45:7

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