Tuesday, July 26, 2011

End of the Diablos Path

And now we have the last of the diabolical doccies. I'm sure you'll miss them, but fear not, the Path People are the sort who will have 20 more by next week, especially if you write them suggesting something is good.

36) Immortality of the soul -- well, this one's a bit weirdly phrased, but it seems to be OK in the end, because it says God is the source of immortality, and that's the only way souls are immortal. They didn't need to take 500 pages to say it, though.

37) The King James Version is the perfect Word of God -- bah. That one was a challenge. I wouldn't call it diabolical. Silly, yes, but not diabolical.

38) It is OK to use or display religious images, icons, and likenesses -- yep yep. The usual bad definition of "image", though to be fair, they don't make it clear how far they take it. So you'll have to just hope that your Jesus coloring books won't send you to hell.

39) Some are predestinated to burn in hell forever -- this is just a combo of two prior doccies, so why they felt the need to make a hybrid, I can't say.

40) One cannot see God's face and live -- yes, I agree with the idea here but not that it's diabolical to think this. But really, they do this one because the Path People think they're had visions or revelations, so they have to really turn the screws on this one.

41) Deathbed conversions to Christ -- again, a repeat of something from a prior doccy. And for convenience, the story of the thief on the cross is designated to be added into the text later. Too bad there's no textual or historical reason to agree (and a cultic reason isn't good enough). So in the end, the Path People are still dodging the question it raises.

We're done now -- so what's left? We're assured that:

The day of vindication is now here and all things are now being reversed so that all is right side up. The day of the Lord is here. Repent, all those to whom it is given. Again, I say, repent.

All I can say is -- pardon me if I don't get up.

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