Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Am John Loftus

We’ll get back to the Path People tomorrow, but I had to stop to make a confession.

I invented John Loftus.

No, really. He doesn’t actually exist. I’m the one who is actually behind Debunking Christianity, all his books, and also, his Doubting John account at TheologyWeb. It’s all something I made up.

I didn’t think I’d ever be caught at it, but it happened. The background is that the other day on TektonTV,I loaded up this vid:

Now as you can see, I used John (or I should say, “John”) as a character. But there was one very intelligent atheist at YT styled “AliburX” who saw through my subterfuge, and said:

OK, first of all, you made up a fantasy character, Loftus, then defined him as an adulterer, and then further defined him as an illiterate who doesn't understand what thou shalt not commit adultery means when he reads it. That guy is your fantasy and does not represent anyone therefore your point is meaningless. There are plenty of us who have studied the bible and still find it severely lacking in any real substance. Simply asserting the bible is meaningful doesn't make it so.

What can I say? Guilty as charged. John is just my invention. He never actually existed. All the guys at Triablogue, Debunking Loftus, and so on have been arguing with a figment of my imagination all this time. I acknowledge it, and I repent. I can’t fool an intelligent atheist.

But you’re asking, "What about all those personal appearances John has been making? That’s not you." True – it’s an actor I hired named Reginald Snarf. I’m sort of glad this is over, since he charges an awful lot.

So in close on this saga, I just have one request of all of you….

Buy my book.


  1. You're a profiteering genius, JP. It is a common strategy for companies to create products to compete with each other, thus earning money whichever one "wins." You have taken the same strategy and applied it to apologetics writing. Kudos sir.

  2. I knew it. No self-respecting atheist would be capable of being so shameless and hypocritical, much less so ignorant of so many things at the same time!

    I surely hope this wasn't done in response to some other atheists out there who invented their own Christian apologetics to argue against!

  3. Yeah, something tells me you did not get your money's worth over on the johnwloftus youtube channel.

  4. If that person really thought you made up Loftus, he is one of the stupidest people I've ever come across. Why does the Internet have to give every dumb brain a public forum?!? Whatever.

  5. I always thought Loftus was a caricature of a real atheist.