Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tekton Tenure, Continued

Been a while since we had an entry in this series…let’s check history from July-September 2003. Got some big names here!

Darrell Doughty – this fringe fellow – one of the Robert Price crowd – passed away in 2009.

Richard Packham – still maintains his website, though it still looks old school in terms of web design. He updates only infrequently; last time was October 2011, and before that, March 2011. His main focus remains on his former Mormon faith. – speaking of stupid, this Norwegian website, which I did a parody of on my toon site, is still around and has grown in terms of subjects addressed, but still has the same old garbage I refuted on the pages which I did address back then – unchanged.

Michael Martin – the famous atheist prof who endorsed the Christ myth and thought Jesus’ prohibition on swearing had to do with saying words like %$^$*! Still around teaching at Boston U.

Paul Jacobsen – critic of Lee Strobel – also still around, but only updates his site infrequently.

Randel Helms – still teaching at Arizona State, but hasn’t published a book on the Bible since 2005.

John Lynch – his ten reasons for not being a Christian are no longer online except in my rebuttal. His name is too commonplace for me to search further.

Dan Barker – still around in his same (in)capacities.

Stephen Smith – a hyperpreterist. Since his name is commonplace I can’t check further.

Back next week to round off 2003!

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