Friday, December 16, 2011

Tekton Tenure, Oct-Dec 2003

It's time for a look at what's up with our past opponents, this time from the last quarter of 2003.

Mike Ledo continues to be active in the Atlanta area and is still publishing nutty books. He's not short on egomania either, as this description of his latest book shows:

This is a landmark book that will change forever how the scholarly community views the Bible, history, and myth. In spite of what appears to be a New Age title, this book is built upon scholarship. There are three major tenets to this book.

1)The current notion of Wellhausen’s document hypothesis and the unified text theory are both wrong. The Bible was constructed as a “living” document using the same identical techniques already known to us via Tigay’s work on Gilgamesh.

2)Knowing the techniques used to expand texts, one can do some deconstruction of the text in order to uncover the original or proto-Bible text. Why this has never been done I don’t know. It would be the logical net step to do once we discovered exactly how it was done to Gilgamesh.
When this is done what is left is an Middle Bronze Age text, about 1000 years older than what is currently believed by “accepted” scholars. This text dates to circa 1930 BCE..

3)This proto-text is a huge cosmic myth. It follows the constellations in a contiguous fashion leaving no doubt that this is indeed an ancient cosmic myth.

4)There are interesting corollaries to this also. The stories are not entirely fictional, nor were they intended to be. They combine history and myth. I have been able to positively identify Biblical characters with known historical figures and events including Moses, David and Solomon.

And even worse, he can't count, either.

Darwin Fish: Speaking of nuts, he's still around, and these days he has a blog called The Wrath of the Gods (!) where he highlights bad things like the air crash in Reno, or a child being run over in China, and posts them with Bible verses predicting God's judgment. I guess that's the sort of thing that entertains small minds.

Kevin Graham: My friend Kevin, who used to be Mormon, has long since abandoned that faith after a public tussle with leading Mormon apologists over the Book of Abraham, and last I heard is in a sort of spiritual limbo. I suspect he's more concerned with spending time with his family these days.

Tracy VanWyngaarden: This hyperpeterist's work still gets cited, but as far as I can find, he has written nothing new since 2002 and the article I critiqued by him.

PTET: This nuisance is still around; he has a blog (though last updated May 2011, and rarely used at that). He seemed to run in spurts before and I'd guess he still does.

Liberated Christians: These free-sex loonies still have their site but haven't updated it since 2007.

And that's it for 2003.

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