Friday, January 6, 2012

Tekton Tenure: 1st Half of 2004

It’s now time to look at past foes from 2004 and what they’re up to. We’ll move faster through the years right now because we’ve covered so many repeat opponents already, so this round we’ll look at the first half of 2004.

Wayne Dyer – he’s still around, and still peddling the same contrived self-help lit. You’d think eventually someone would catch on and realize that all you’d need, if this crap really worked as he said, is one book.

Alan Colmes – so likewBoldise, still around, though it seems he never set foot in Bible commentary again.

Jacob Spinney – originally praised by James Randi, Spinney has gone on to a career in magic himself, and is still around, even with his own YouTube channel – where he discusses politics, diet, economics, and – only very rarely – religion. Maybe that means he’s learned his lesson.

Anton Thorn – as far as I can tell, no longer actively writing online, though he may have a Facebook page.

Christian Crimeline – in 2010 a nutcase named Hans Atrott presumed to comment on about er….01% of this feature we did. See the Ticker for details. Atrott was also used for a few other additions, but as can be seen from the Ticker, he’s not a reliable source. Otherwise it’s still being thrown around with the same crap, by the same guy.

And that’s all that’s new.

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