Friday, February 10, 2012

Cross Fertilization

My side job doing USDA surveys has me too busy for a substantial post this week, but I thought I'd share an unusual instance in which the two jobs -- surveys and ministry -- crossed paths.

Yesterday I visited one of my "regulars" I see every year, a local nursery owner. As sometimes happens, I'm asked if the surveys are the only job I have, and I get a chance to talk about the ministry work I do as well, as my "real" job.

That sparked his interest, as he explained his moral objections to "televangelists" who ask for money all the time, and as it happens, many of the people whose practices he objected to -- including Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and Rod Parsley -- are people I've written articles on. I gave him a ministry business card, and who knows? He may drop in to the site.

I'll just add one moralizing point --- I've always supposed that teachers like Osteen and Meyer were doing more harm than good. I did detailed E-Block articles on those two, and found that their teachings were completely lacking in substance and utility. Yet of course, they thrive because they find itching ears among gullible and shallow Christians.

Isn't it past time we shed these teachers as useless deadwood?

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  1. "Isn't it past time we shed these teachers as useless deadwood?"

    We're waaaaaaay past that point.