Friday, March 9, 2012

Legends of the Fundy Atheists

Over on Amazon, I've been having a rhubarb with one of those wacko sorts, and he's inspired me to start a new series on TektonTV I'll be calling "Legends of the Fundy Atheists." This particular wacko claims to have a 150 IQ, and be head of research and engineering at some Fortune 500 company, which if true proves that you can be that smart and still have a head made of cement.

His claim -- posted in a thread about my book Shattering the Christ Myth -- is that Pilate's records were checked, and Jesus wasn't mentioned in them.


We've seen this one a few times, yes -- the reality: Pilate's records have not survived to this day; those in Jerusalem likely perished in 70 AD with everything else. But we just don't have the records of ANY provincial Roman governor like Pilate left to us today. Period.

As it stands, I challenged this wacko at least a dozen times to produce the records, or tell me where they were, but each time he evaded the question, even as he was absolutely awesome at calling Christians backwards, childish, stuck in primitive spirituality, etc. (His own view is apparently that of a Hindu or some such -- though he claims he used to be a Christian. He rants elsewhere about stuff like kundalini energy, and about being visited by the "Numinous Source". I suggested to him that the next time he sees that Source, he ought to ask it where Pilate's records are.)

In any event, such will the the first subject in the series I'll call Legends of the Fundy Atheists. You can expect the famous Pope Leo X quote to come in second, and after that -- well, let's face it, I'll likely be doing episode 100 of that series in 2035.

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