Friday, March 23, 2012

Tekton Tenure: First Half of 2005

Yes, this time I'm covering 6 whole months. Part of that is that there's not a lot of new people I dealt with (but a lot of long dead ones, like Alvin Boyd Kuhn, who I assume is ever nuttier now that he was in life). It's also partly because -- ah, memories! -- February 2005 was when I had my first kidney stone. That put me out of action and dampened my enthusiasm considerably.

It's also the time when I took on James White and Steve Hays on Calvinism, and Richard Carrier on TIF, and obviously all of them are still active and there's nothing extra to add on them today. I also debated a fellow I called "Calvino" but I haven't heard from him in a long time and don't recall his real name any more.

What's that leave us? We have an alleged professor named "Mordochai ben-Tziyyon" who still has the same Tripod page and whom I still doubt actually exists as who he is described as. He has a Facebook page, but his Tripod page was last updated in 2008.

I also took on a journalist named "James Dee" but I have no further information on him; I didn't keep the article and it is now gone from Tekton.

Then we had the Skeptic Delos McKown, a rather incompetent scholastic when it came to Bible interpretation. I moved my reply to him to my toon site because he was such an absurd person. However, he's not written for for ages; instead he's writing obscure books that you can buy for a penny used on He's also apparently retired from his professorship at Auburn.

Then there was a wacky Christian named Stuart Dinenno. It looks like his website is long gone. Another wacko Christian who calls himself "Pastor G. Reckart," whom I blasted on Matthew 28:19, still has a site up -- actually several sites, most of them just one page each -- as well as a blog. But he's still nuts.

Gary Amiarult of -- still around.

And that's it. The only other thing to note is kind of sad: I plugged several startup apologetics websites in those months, and a lot of them have disappeared.

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