Friday, April 20, 2012

Tekton Tenure: Last Half of 2005

Yes, that was a wild time. Hurricane Katrina (which sent some forgotten rain here) and an broken AC system at my place during the hottest October we've had here in a while. And fixed just in time for the first cold snap. Awesome.

Did I mention Blogger has a new dashboard setup and it stinks?

Wayne Adkins -- This dumbo now has a YouTube channel, and he looks as dumb as he is. However, he doesn't seem to update it more than once or twice a year, and his website address came back with a Not Found curse even though it can also give you a popup for tips on how to have a flat belly. He also apparently resigned from the military over alleged persecution for his atheism. Cry me a river, Wayne.

Kenneth Humphreys -- well, of course, he's still around. His level of ignorance is MUCH harder to get rid of.

Dan Schneider -- this Christ myther is still around, publishing things no one cares about, such as a recent three-part book review of Martial Arts Master: The Life Of Bruce Lee, The Case For Christ, and Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work. Nothing like eclectic ignorance. Here's a quote that signifies Schneider's intellectual level, in his review of Strobel's film:

  I am an agnostic, which means I have an open mind. But that does not mean I do not use it. This film is an abomination and an insult, not only to non-believers, but even more so to religious folks. It reminds me of an idiotic video I saw online where dumb as a post 1980s child actor Kirk Cameron tried to use the shape of a banana as proof that Darwinism was wrong, for only God could design a fruit so perfectly suited for our digits. Needless to say, this film is an atrocity. It is to film what a homosexual orgy in the Vatican is to true believers. Strobel is a con man but the sad reality is one cannot even respect the fact that he’s good at the game.

Yeah, whatever, Dan.

Herman Somers -- This psychologist has gotten more attention for his work on Islam lately, but I can see no signs that he is still active.

Tony Bushby -- Oy. Nutso City. He's published a 750 page monster called The Christ Scandal with more of the same sort of tripe, and a few other titles like The Secret in the Bible: The Lost History of the Giza Plateau and How Temple Priests of the Great Pyramid Preserved the Evidence of Life Beyond Death.

You'd lose your sanity just reading the title of that one.

Joseph Macchio -- head of a site called "The Orthodox Suppression of Original Christianity" which doesn't seem to exist any more, though his book has been preserved by others. -- dead now.

Kyle Williams -- according to a website owned by a Catholic I know, Williams:

....has taken this page off his own website because he is seeking to rise above divisive arguments. He feels (to misquote Shakespeare) that to persevere in obstinate arguments is a course of impious stubbornness. He has reluctantly given me permission to reproduce his work here, but he earnestly desires that the reader acknowledge the good teachings in the Bible, and not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. To the extent that Christians encourage love of virtue and love of other people, they are to be commended and encouraged.

Well, at least one of these guys took a step in the right direction.

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