Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wiki Wacky on Companies

This week's Forge entry comes early, as it was too good to pass up a comment on an article showing that 60% of Wikipedia's articles on companies contain factual errors (link below). Those who touted Wiki's alleged excellence in science seemed to forget that science was only one topic of hundreds of thousands. Even worse, Wiki's response to such problems is abominably slow -- but what can you expect from a bunch of amateur editors  (amateurs, that is, with respect to all but as many as 999,999 of the fields they are editing articles about) working for free, and all of them trying to deal with millions of articles that can be edited every day by anyone?

As I said in my article in CRJ, it's more than needing enough eyeballs -- it's needing enough that move at supersonic speed. Meanwhile Wiki is irresponsibly letting misinformation stay in place for millions of readers a day who see their entries come up first in Google searches.

Maybe we should sentence Jimmy Wales to personally fix each and every mistake on Wiki.


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  1. Yeah, I'm not surprised. My roommate told me one time that someone he knew made him the mayor of Estevan, Saskatchewan. It was about six months before someone got around to actually changing it.