Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Singers Shouldn't Be Scholars

I was asked about a YouTub video by a Christian singer, Mike Donehey, with a group calling itself "Tenth Avenue North" (not one I know of, but what the heck) and some claims made therein. You can see the vid below though it would be far better if you didn't add to its view count.

In that vid Donehey makes an extraordinary claim: That at the Last Supper, when Jesus offered the cup to his disciples to drink, this was the same thing as saying, "Will you marry me?"

Oh really?

Strange. Craig Keener, who is normally quite well up on the social science aspects of the Bible, doesn't seem to be aware of this in his voluminous Matthew commentary. Neither is Joel Green in his Lukan commentary. Maybe Donehey knows something they don't.

If there's any truth to this at all, it might well be that the offer of a cup, as part of a communal meal, was a way in which covenants were sealed between parties, and of course, a marriage was one such example. Not the only one. And although marriage imagery is indeed used of the church with respect to Christ, this would have been absent all of the modern notions of sentimental love  Donehey adds the picture.

Sadly, the comments show that viewers are eating this up. One more recent comment expresses  doubts and asks for verification, but a week later, no reply has been given.  Most of the comments are more of this persuasion:

I had an encounter with Christ while listening to the song beloved and hearing what he (Mike) said it just make everything come full circle with my vision i had and the feelings i felt.. Just Wow.. Jesus thank you...

Wow. Maybe an encounter with Jesus will improve your scholarship, too, huh?


  1. What the Hell. Mr.Holding is there any possibility that this is some horribly,twisted late April fools joke? I hate to think a brother in Christ is this stupid.

  2. On another note I think I found part of where he may have gotten his info from.
    Basically this guy is confusing what may be modern jewish engagement practices with first century Jewish practices.

  3. He's also making Jesus a homosexual.