Friday, June 15, 2012

Tekton Tenure: 2007

In 2007 I spent a lot of time on the Classics collection, The Impossible Faith, the Christian Apologetics Instructor program, speaking engagements, and catching John Loftus in a big fat lie (which ended up with me having what is now my daily "anti-blog" of activities). That didn't leave much time for cracking heads open.
We saw that "tomb of Jesus" thing spark to life in 2007. The same folks are still cranks; just in the last few weeks they've made a similar mess of an artifact having to do with Jonah and the whale.
Gary Lenaire -- this ex-Christian headbanger made a fool of himself with a self-pub job in which he made error after error, including repeating the silly idea that Nicaea decided the canon multiple times. This proved such an embarrassment that in 2008 he submitted an item to the Secular Web in which he went overboard on details about Nicaea, with this line as a real howler:
 The main point is not the names of the religionists who edited the first Bibles; nor is it the dates that those events occurred on. My Christian critics attempt to distract you with such trivia in order to evade the real issue here. What does matter is how the church fathers produced what is called "God's Word."
No, Gary. The main point is that you are an incompetent moron who made decisions based on the likes of Paine as your only sources. Not that he gets much better in the response: He adds a single note from Schaff and Columbia U. each. Like this makes up for his ignorance earlier? (The article itself, by the way, isn't much of an improvement in terms of being decent history.)

Other than that -- he has Facebook and Myspace pages, but seems to have kept his mouth shut since.
Theodore Drange -- I gave Drange a hit for opening his yap on the Resurrection. He's still around, but not very active.
Herman Detering -- still around, and still nutty; of late he's gone radical to the extent of attacking Bart Ehrman on the topic of Jesus' existence.
Paul, Jacobsen, Chris Hallquist -- these amateur Skeptics are still around but haven't grown their presence that much. The former updates his site maybe once every few months.

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