Friday, June 8, 2012

Tekton Tenure: Last Half of 2006

I worked a lot on educational materials during this period, so there aren't many names to consider, but there's a lot of fun in the few we have. The 2nd half of 2006 began with a reply to the Rational Responders (or as I called them, Fundy Atheists on the Run) and their challenge:

PRIZE 2: Inevitably when we ask for contemporary evidence of Jesus Christ, some unintellectual spouts off... "You'd have to be a fool to ignore the thousands of writings, evidences, blah blah blah." Yet, none of the evidences provided arise from the lifetime of Jesus. People actually want us to believe a man walked on water, rose from the dead, yada yada yada, and NOBODY wrote it down! Give us a break! However... we are not above being wrong. So, with that in mind. We are offering a $100 reward and an appearance on our radio show where we will admit we we're wrong to the person who can set a precedent that other important historical figures exist without contemporary evidence. Provide us with the names of five important historical figures that were not written about until at least 25 years after they died (like Jesus). Keep in mind, if you do this you haven't proved Jesus existed, merely a good precedent.

That challenge was hastily and embarrassingly withdrawn, as it died the death of a thousand qualifications when they were hit with a spate of valid entries. There were two big names I associate with that challenge; one, Brian Sapient, is still with the group. The other, Rook Hawkins, is no longer with them; his blog on the RRS site has been inactive since 2008, and a Wordpress blog he had is offline. A Freethoughtpedia link to his personal website bounces to the main RRS page.

Edit: Tekton Research Assistant Punkish points out that Hawkins now operates under his real name, Tom Verenna, and he does have a blog running. I was not aware of the connection.

Jesus Police. This wacky website, which recommended stuff like The Hiram Key, is now deceased.

Daniel June. Yep. A guy from infidels. org I featured here recently; I'd forgotten I addressed him way back then, too. News of the day: He hasn't gotten any smarter -- and my evaluation of him then ("If the Secular Web ever stops hosting items by insufficiently educated people like this, perhaps I can take them seriously again someday") reads the same as today.

Sam Harris. Obviously, still riding his dead horses even today.

Brian McLaren and Rob Bell. Still producing dead horses even today.

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