Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Thunderous Blunder

What with various commitments this week I have not had time to write a suitable post, but just as well, this is a good spot to note this vid I just loaded on how a leading YouTube Skeptic has put his foot in his mouth regarding sexual harassment.


  1. Hi Mr. Holding,

    Do you believe that what happened in the "elevator incident" constitutes sexual harassment? If so, why?

  2. @js If these factors are true:

    1) The invitation included coming to his room.
    2) "Cup of coffee" is slang for casual sex (as documented, for example, by Urban Dictionary)

    ...then actually, I consider it worse than simple harassment and into the range of outright Neanderthal misogynist crudity.

    But, what can I say....I'm not only a traditionalist but a man who loves and respects his beloved wife of 21+ years to distraction. :) I can tell you that she'd have knocked the guy out too.

  3. Thanks for having the "if"! Inviting someone to one's room certainly could be seen as an invitation for sex, but precisely what was said was a little too implicit to cast a final verdict, so to speak. I will say, however, that she had every right to be freaked out - some people are simply too extroverted. And the man may very well be the ape the woman describes him as.

    I think many of your offended viewers (with regards to the above video) live in a culture over-saturated with sexual imagery and innuendo, which probably explains their indignation.

    Anyway, there's my unsolicited two cents worth.