Friday, August 17, 2012

Storage Wars Jerusalem: Contest

As a celebration of our 200th vid, our 201st vid, Storage Wars Jerusalem, features a special contest.

I needed a lot of "extras" for this vid, and after getting started on it, it occurred to me that I had all the "extras" I needed already -- in the first 200 vids.

To participate in the contest, viewers must identify the background "extras" specified below (plus three backgrounds), by indicating which of the prior 200 TektonTV vids they appeared in. You do not have to identify the characters by name (some were not given names, anyway). All you have to do is give the title of the vid they were in (e.g., "Beat the Bible Scholar," or "Storage Wars Jerusalem").

For clarity, we are giving below the time locations in the vid of what characters the viewers must identify. Please note that some characters have appeared in more than one vid. In those cases, participants need only identify one of the vids.

Participants should send their entries to me at no later than Tuesday, August 20, at 8 AM Eastern Time. The first to correctly identify all characters as specified will receive free copies of all the Tekton resource materials of their choosing below, in either hard copy or electronic format as specified, and/or as can be provided according to available shipping/receipt options:

Shattering the Christ Myth (hard copy)
Trusting the New Testament (e-copy)
Defending the Resurrection (e-copy)
The Mormon Defenders (hard copy)
What in Hell is Going On? (electronic copy)
The Atonement Contextualized (electronic copy, to be released September 2012)

The first place winner may also choose a lifetime subscription to the Tekton E-Block ezine.

The second and third contestants to submit a correct list will receive a hard copy of The Mormon Defenders, plus one other resource from the above of their choosing.

We will use the next Forge post to announce results/winners and contest answers. Contestants will be given a chance to "correct" any wrong answers, but they will be placed "at the back of the line" when they submit again. Also, if no one successfully identifies all the characters, we’ll award to whoever gets the most right.

Have fun -- and thank you for watching TektonTV!
Contest subject time starts at 01:50 of the vid. You do NOT have to identity characters from before that time.

1:50 the two characters with Price.
1:55 the three characters with Acharya (exclude Shelly Squirrel from the Miss Dusters series -- that one's a "gimme")
2:02 the two characters with Brown.
2:10 the three characters with Huller.
2:26 the character on Brown’s right.
2:32 the two characters with Price.
2:38 the two characters with Huller.
2:43 the character to Acharya’s left.
3:12 single character.
3:19 two characters with Price.
3:32 two characters with Huller.
3:36 character who exits left. The one on the right is TektonTV viewer jfrontier1, who won the appearance by answering a question about a prior vid correctly.
3:45 two characters with Acharya.
4:00 two characters with Brown.
4:04 one character with Price.
4:09 two characters with Acharya.
4:52 one character with Acharya.
4:58 three characters with Brown.
5:09 two characters with Brown.
5:12 one character with Price.
5:56 Identify the vid the office background came from.
9:12 Identify the vid this scene came from.
11:11 Identify the vid the dumpster background came from

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