Friday, October 19, 2012

Tube Boobs v. 10.0

Two comments made by two different fundy atheists on Thursday, over on TektonTV, are most enlightening when placed in opposition.

One, by one “johnnythesailorman,” was on my vid NoSCo’s Bogus Journey, which was a response to NonStampCollector’s mishandling of the Sermon on the Mount. My answers for this, as you may expect, came from scholarly sources like Keener’s Matthew commentary. Johnny’s comment was too laced with profanity for me to actually print here, but I’ll rephrase it: “This video is full of excrement. But Christians have their heads so far up their gluteals that they won’t notice.”

The other comment was “on” my vid The Tale of Jephthah. I put “on” in quotes because it wasn’t a comment on the vid itself. Rather, it is a comment on a comment of mine. A prior fundy atheist , Chuck Pike, has posted:

I just love it when Christians try to defend child murder.Just disgusting!!

I replied:

I just love it when fundy atheists and morons whine instead of answering the argument -- and also fail to notice that by my reckoning, no one was killed. Just disturbing!!

The second fundy atheist, one “txfreethinker”, replied to that:

"Moron"? Really, tektontv?? You're going to resort to insults? A Christian friend of mine just recommended this video for me to watch and spoke very highly of you. But, my respect for you has just taken a nose-dive.

Oh dear. How rational.

I asked “txfreethinker” a number of questions he thereafter refused to answer, such as: What about putting your house in order with atheists who use even worse language (like Johnny)? Why wasn’t Chuck’s comment actually moronic? And so on. It became quickly clear that his complaint was no more than an excuse to simply brush off the detailed arguments in the vid itself.

Two of my regular views captured the matter accurately:

Dante Ting:  Ironically, non-Christians always accuse us Christians of having a "holier-than-thou" attitude to the point of being obnoxious, and when we are demonstrably not having such a "holier-than-thou" attitude, people like you complain. What, is this some kind of double standards here? That we're somehow expected to be perpetually polite just because you people perceive Christianity to be a religion about being nice people? LOL

Ukchristian28: I used to argue with a guy who felt he could be extremely insulting towards me. But when I was slightly sarcastic in return he accused me of being a hypocrite. As he saw it he didn't live by the standards of the Bible so being nasty and insulting wasn't hypocritical for him, but it was hypocritical for me because I live by those standards. Lol, he wanted a a Christian punching bag who wouldn't hit him back.

Precisely – although I’ve used the analogy of a rapist wanting a victim who just lays back and takes it, too.

In the end, no atheist can make such complaints without engaging in rampant hypocrisy. Their house is very dirty right now thanks to Sam Harris, Richard, Dawkins, and so many others – especially on YouTube.

I’ll close this week’s entry with this remark from a reader:

…a big screwball nominee to XAtheistX who got a cheap little dig in on Marshall on his post about his father's death yesterday:

"I'm very sorry for your loss. This is something I as an atheist am never sure what to say to someone who has lost someone. Obviously there is no heaven to go to but all I can say is I'm sorry for your loss and I can understand your pain.

I understand the need to believe in something after death so you can be with loved ones but it makes no sense. Why believe it if it's not true? Why can't people just accept the fact of death and loss and leave it at that? Why does the human species have to make up stories to comfort us?

Given the circumstances you don't have to answer now but when you're ready I wouldn't mind discussing it."

A screwball indeed. This is the atheist version of a Chick tract wielding fundy who starts his evangelism by telling you you’re going to hell – and it’s just as tactless.

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