Monday, July 1, 2013

Nervy Plagiarizer Accuses ME! HA HA!!!

This is a supplement to a vid I just loaded for the Plagiarism Hall of Shame on my YT channels – one that is quite ironic this time, because this person wrote me an angry email accusing ME of plagiarizing THEM. It’s too bad for them they left a lot of bumbler clues.

First, here is their article:

Now mine:

The vid documents two major bungles Ms. Yonan made. First, she lists the original date of publication for her article for 1992, but in one of the parts of my article she stole, there is a reference to Price’s book Deconstructing Jesus, which was published in 2000 – eight years later!

Second, it shows that she lifted from my article a special method of source citation I use (which is also used by Miller’s Thinktank) for just one of the books she lists in her bibliography. She didn’t use this method for any of the other books in her bibliography, though she did accidentally leave in one of my other abbreviations in her main article, and she also listed Smith’s Origins of Biblical Monotheism in her main text the same way I did – but not in her bibliography.

A final telling point is found in this parallel paragraph, one I didn't put in the vid. First from my article:

Tammuz was also called a "healer" (as a profession), and regarded as a savior, but as Langdon notes [Lang.TI, 34], those who referred to Tammuz by these names "have not those spiritual doctrines which these words convey in Christian doctrine" in mind, but use the words "in the sense that all life depended upon his sacrifice and especially upon his return from hell." (As a reminder, that is something Jesus didn't do.)

Now from hers:

Tammuz was also called a “healer” and regarded as a savior, but Langdon notes, (Lang TI, 34) those who referred to Tammuz by these names “do not have the spiritual doctrines which these words have in Christianity”.

This was a big mistake by Ms. Yonan – because while my quote of Langdon reproduces his exact words from his book, as the graphic below shows, it is clear that she was trying to paraphrase the words I quoted – yet she retained them with quote marks as though it were a quotation.

So, nice try Ms. Yonan. Say hi to your lawyer for me! HA HA HA!!!