Friday, March 11, 2011

Tube Boobs 2

Frequently, statistics reveal fascinating things. Today we’ll see that they reveal some fascinating things about the childish, uncritical mindset of fundy atheists – particularly those on YouTube.

Setup: Yesterday I took a statistical snapshot of three elements: My recent vid on Elisha and the bears; a fundy atheist’s response vid to it, and my detailed supplemental article on my vid, where I back up my arguments with more details.

The fundy atheist’s response to me gives most of my arguments short shrift. It barely mentions the detailed arguments and points in the supplement, but even gives the shorter versions of arguments in my vid minimal review in most cases. The atheist chooses instead to focus obsessively on arguing that Elisha sent bears after “little children” and the damage that bears would cause. Other arguments he simply waves off with posturing and mockery. To sum it up, he doesn’t engage the bulk of the time.

That’s bad enough in terms of reflecting the intellectual horsepower of this bunch, but now let’s check those stats.

As of yesterday at a certain time, the atheist’s vid had been up for about a week and had received 4438 views.
In contrast, my vid, which had been up for about three weeks, had only 1217 – and a good chunk of those were from the earlier 2 week period.

Hmmm. Yes, you can see where this is going, but wait.

As of yesterday, my detailed supplement article had received only 116 visits – and only 17 of those had been since the fundy atheist had put up his response.

Rat smell? You bet.

In light of this, it’s fairly hilarious to see the atheist’s groupies on about how badly he supposedly beat me up, especially since some of the comments they make offer points I responded to specifically in the video and supplement, and the vast majority just follow the atheist nose to tail in whining about how mean Yahweh is and don’t engage any of my detailed points. Based on these stats, most of them haven’t seen my arguments – just the bowdlerized sample the fundy atheist chose to show them.

The irony is greater inasmuch as this fundy atheist is a former groupie himself – of Farrell Till. Yes, Till, he who whined incessantly about wanting me to link to his pathetic articles, so that (he supposed) my readers would click on over and see his devastating rejoinders , and thereby be immediately deconverted. Oddly enough, though, these stats show that the fundy atheist crowd doesn’t exhibit the sort of inquisitiveness or open-mindedness they expect of Christians with respect to their work.
They’re fundies all right – they sure do have hypocrisy down the way fundies often do.


  1. So their clever response is to ignore your response.

    Clever, not.

  2. JP, I'll bet the problem is you used big and complicated words on your supplemental article.

    You know, words like "and" and "the"