Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shaming Christian Lindtner, Part 1

Our next seven entries will be devoted to observations on Christian Lindtner’s latest crap on the Holocaust. Back in January, we laid down the law on Ken Humprheys for using this idiot as a source for his Christ-myth crap. It’s apparently stung Lindtner in the butt pretty badly, and there’s a couple of glaring evidences to show this.

The first is the following quote from Lindtner’s “jesusisbuddha” website:

A final problem: If Christianity is a gigantic hoax - how has it been possible to deceive so many for so long? How did the priests, the bishops, the popes manage to pull it off? All the professional liars?

Are there any modern parallels that prove helpful?
Are we to believe absurdities such as those of some unidentfied towelheads in the backwaters of far-away Afghanistan, or their impotent likes elsewhere, who are to be held responsible for the 9/11 events? Are we to believe, like most people do, in the rumours about some physically and technically impossible gas chambers in which millions of Jews were killed - even though no one to this day has been able properly to locate such places of horror on the map? Even though not even one victim can be mentioned by name? Even though there be no Hitler order?

Well actually – you won’t find it there any more. He’s removed it. Unfortunately for him, it’s preserved in a number of locations, including a TheologyWeb thread and a thread on Brian Flemming’s Danielle forum. There’s also a forum at a place called “Faith Freedom” that documents the place it originally appeared, which was That page now has some mostly harmless drivel, though it does link to the material we discuss below.

Lindtner evidently hoped that quote would slowly die off after he removed it. It won’t. I’m keeping it alive.

The second evidence: Lindtner has posted a 7 part series on YouTube (!) in which he explains himself. We’ll discuss each of the 7 parts over the next 7 entries – I can only stand to watch so much of him. In Part 1, he’s evidently quite nervous, mostly refusing to look at the interviewer and never looking at the camera that I can recall. Thankfully, not even YT’s wacko community seems to think much of him; Part 1 as of this writing had 500 views, but Part 2 had only 233, Part 3 only 155, and down from there. There are also no comments. And no, I won’t be providing a link to his trash. I’m sure even Farrell Till would approve of that.

So what of Part 1? Not much to it despite a 14 ½ minute run time. Lindtner tries to explain that there’s a difference between the term “Holocaust” and the phrase “Final Solution” as used by Hitler, which ranks pretty well in the Who Gives a Crap Award category, and doesn’t enlighten anyone a great deal. He also says that the Holocaust has become a sort of “secular religion” and even terms it...snort...a new form of Judaism.

Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle. Has Ken got this message yet? (Of course not. He’s still using Lindtner as a source.)

As a reminder, Lindtner isn’t exactly worthy as a source even in his commentary on Jesus. A reader noted his comment that, “Only Buddhism and Christianity have made extensive use of parables - and the Buddhists came first!" Their reply hits the nail:

How can this be substantiated!? Hinduism/Judaism/Shintoism/Daoism/Islam/Paganism havnt made "substantial use of parables"?! Did parables originate with Buddhism?! How much Christian and Buddhist literature needs to be compared before one can say they have made "substantial use" of parables?!

We’ll see what else “Dr.” Christian Lintball has to say, with Part 2 tomorrow. Meanwhile here’s a bunch of links that preserve that quote, and our earlier Forge entry for reference. Click on them lots and keep them atop Google.

Forge entry

TWeb thread

Faith Freedom forum --
see post by Norseman at the bottom of the page

Cached quote from atheist forum

Quote on a blog that seems to be French


  1. Don't forget about the wayback machine for getting at web sites the the way they looked at some point in the past.

    For example:

  2. Hello Holding. I go by the handle of SeverianOfUrth in YouTube, and wanted to add The Wayback Machine Internet Archive as yet another repository of the content now missing from the site you mention. You can find a snapshot of the page in question here:

    Kind of better since then there can't be any accusation of "distorting" the info or claim that it was never really there.

    Yes, I like to make trouble for dumb, fundy atheists who think the internet is forgiving when it comes to published content. Once you put on the web your rants or the photo taken of yourself dressed like Tinkerbell at the Carnival of Rio, it's like the proverbial cat that gets out of the bag. :)

  3. Yep, thanks to both of you on that. Now getting a pic of Lindtner in a Tinkerbell outfit...think we can find that?

  4. Shucks, Jared got ahead of me, bummer. I never get first place. Hehe.

    About Tinkerbell, maybe I could Photoshop a pic of.... aww, nah, I'm not that mischievous *ahem, er, well... *clears throat and moves on*

    Besides, I could ruin the Tinkerbell-themed birthday parties of so many little girls world-wide if I did that. :-D

  5. Nice try! Lindtner is not the only scholar showing the pre-Christian Buddhist sources to Christianity, the topic was covered long ago when the Christian zealot Max Muller dove head first into Indology in order to show the superiority of CHristianity. In the end he would show early Christian borrowings from Buddhism.... But he was not the first modern scholar to do so.... When Christian missionaries were attempting to convert parts of Asia, Sir William Jones reminded them that the fundamentals of Christianity was known to them before Jesus. He quotes a Buddhist couplet in support of this; "Just as the sandalwood tree releases a sweet smell on the axe that fells it, so to should one cultivate thoughts towards ones executioner."

  6. Nice try. But spam gets deleted here, and your parallel attempts are garbage. To use that couplet as an example, it doesn't parallel anything in Christianity unless you strain and stretch it to the breaking point. And even then it doesn't work.

  7. Keep your spam, Hoppy. I know about you and your trash scholarship already. You want a debate, come see me at TheologyWeb. We find idiots like you amusing. And BTW, stick to only Biblical contents as allegedly derived from Buddhism when you come. I'll expect you to also have scholarly backing for dates of manuscripts and such; in other words, bring footnotes, not your marijuana-induced fantasies.


    Bit of a fraud, are we, Hoppy? It's pretty bad when you can't get intelligent atheists to accept your views.

    Fact is, you've got your nose to Lindtner's hiney, which is why you can't stand that he's being exposed here as a fruitcake.

  9. Spam again, Hoppy. Either show up at TheologyWeb or go fly a kite. You're a known nutcase and no one gives a crap about your trashcan theories except other nutcases, so the least you can do is provide us with public entertainment, the way the loonies at Bedlam used to.

  10. Alright son, I posted your acceptance to debate in the comparitive religions forum. _let your shames begin!!

  11. It'll be moved to my area of the forum first.