Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shaming Christian Lindtner, Part 3

Flip, flop. Flip, flop.

In part 3 of his 7 part series, Lindtner has the appearance of having gone full circle -- from denier to debunker of deniers -- as he spends all of this one discussing and affirming evidence for mass murder of Jews by the Nazis (and refuting claims of one denier).

It might be nice if it weren't so transparently self-serving.

On the side, if there IS any reason to watch these too-late mea culpas, it's for the strictly historical interest of listening to the recordings offered in a couple (at least) of Hitler making speeches. You really can't grasp the evil power of Hitler as a speaker until you've actually heard him speak. Personally, such charismatic speakers don't make an impact on me at all, but I can see how easily he'd have influenced some of the dumb bells around these days -- like the ones on YouTube.

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