Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Test Answers

We'll get to the Forge post early this week as I'm using it to post answers to a "test" I offered on TektonTV to arrogant fundy atheists who think they're hot stuff because they aced the Pew religious knowledge test. This vid is not a challenge to my Christian readers, so feel free to watch and check the answers if you're one of those.


1) b) probatio
2) c) Jesus was a created being
3) b) Quintillian,
4) a) Ma’at
5) b) F. C. Baur
6) Philo, Josephus, Tacitus, Cassius Dio
7) b) beheading
8) d) Theodosius
9) b) John Yoder
10) d) The Wise Man, the Artisan, and the Slave
11) b) the timing of the resurrection
12) a) Robert Gundry
13) c) codex
14) d) Sejanus
15) b) musical instruments


  1. 14/15 - missed question 12. Going to throw this one at my newly-announced atheist nephew.

  2. @Thomas that ought to be a bracer for him. Of course if he's a teenager he'll likely take it as confirmation of his choice by some twisted means. :P

  3. Woot I scored 15/15 on the Pew religious knowledge test, LOL.

  4. Yay, 5/15. Probably still better than the atheist average (< 1).

  5. I got 6 out of 15, but four I got by guessing :(. The easiest for me was the Arian heresy and the Emperor/state religion question

  6. I came across your video and I got 11/15, but with honesty I only knew 9. I don't typically study the field, but I do study Antiquity- renaissance at uni. Some of these topics have come up, but I am in no way formally trained in the subject. I am not christian, however you definitely know your stuff. So could you give me some good reading material on the subject?

  7. Howdy -- yes, I list some materials in what I call the Reading Challenge series at my YouTube channel, TektonTV.

  8. Your video completely misses the point that DM2525 was making. He wasn't bragging about his score. He was pointing out the fact that most Christians in America know less about their own religion than those who think that it's bullshit.

    1. And you missed MY point, chump...that DM2525 is as dumb as the Christians he's mocking. Live with it, loser boy.

  9. I got 7 out of 15, and I have an M.Div in Theology and an MAR in Biblical Studies from Liberty. What's worse is that the seminary material only covers 2, 7, 8 11, and 14. What's the fastest way for a former seminarian to get up to speed on these issues?

    1. Offhand I'd suggest reading everything by Ben Witherington. :)